Win a free signed copy of Live Free or Die: Giveaway starts today!


Be one of five lucky winners to have a free SIGNED print copy of Live Free or Die mailed right to your door! To enter, go to Max Gordon’s Goodreads Giveaway between May 30 and June 30. Good luck!

When travel writer Katherine “Kit” McCormick honestly reviews her life, she can give it just three stars out of five, until a freak accident catapults her out of her lethargy and into the middle of a grisly murder case: a loathsome real estate mogul turns up dead in her office. As the ex-lover of the dead man’s wife, Kit makes the shortlist of suspects—and becomes the killer’s next target. Kit finds herself drawn deeper into the intrigue, and toward Detective Kasey Chakarian. Together they unravel the complicated knot of corruption, illicit liaisons, and shameful secrets, but every clue leads to further entanglements—and traps Kit in the killer’s deadly web.


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